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    Use our new Congress Centre

    Hotel Baťov, which currently works like a hotel and Cogress Center is located in peacefull and pleasant surrounding. Hotel is in city district called Baťov in Otrokovice, not far from Zlín. Hotel Baťov was built in 1936 by company Baťa as a project of world famous prof. Ing. Karfík. Hotel Baťov became the most significant object of Zlín´s functialism.

    Hotel Baťov was reconstructed aftred floods in 1997. All architectural elements were preserved.

    Hotel Baťov is also suitable for recreation 

    Hotel Baťov is very spacious and comfortable. Suitable for big or small groups of people. Hotel is located in ideal place not only for summer recreation. Few metres from Hotel Baťov is an extensive natural swimming pool Štěrkoviště,  Chřiby´s forrest foothills, various sports opportunities etc.

    Hotel Baťa is a great default place for tourism becouse of advantageous location of Hotel Baťa in the middle of Moravia. You can visit for example places such as Kroměříž, ZOO Zlín, Buchlov, Hostýn or Velehrad. 

    Hotel Baťov is also a great choice for demanding clients. We offer tasteful and comfortable accomodation with servis and friendly atmosphere. Our staff has professional experiences and they are always ready to help you. 

    We are looking forward to your visit!


    Hotel Baťov - Společenský dům, Tylova 727, 765 02 Otrokovice
    Telefon: +420 577 650 111, Fax: +420 577 925 505, E-mail: recepce@spolecenskydum.cz